NGO Sponsors

The National Gamekeepers' Organisation enjoys important support from corporate sponsors interested in working with the gamekeeping sector.

Key National Sponsors of the NGO are listed below.

NGO members are encouraged to support these far-sighted companies that support the NGO.

If your company would be interested in sponsoring the NGO, nationally or locally, please contact us to find out more.

NGO: In proud association with...

Ford are the NGO's vehicle sponsor. They provide a brand new Ford Ranger, maintained at their expense, as transport for one of our NGO Development Officers.

Ford also provide a fleet discount for any NGO member buying a Ford Ranger and many other Ford vehicles. Depending on model, this ammounts to a significant four-figure saving on list price. See our members-only pages for deatils.

David Bright Seeds

Bright Seeds are a key sponsor of the NGO's members' magazine, Keeping the Balance.

For every kilo of the popular game cover Utopia sold Brights Seeds will donate £1 to the NGO. This is in addition to the local support that this family run business offer the organisation and the free advice that they give you NGO members regarding game cover.

Browning Rifles

Browning are the rifle partners of the National Gamekeepers' Organisations Deer Branch.

Since 1897, the year when the first Browning gun was made, millions, even tens of millions, of shotguns and rifles for hunting or target shooting have been created and manufactured by Browning.

The inventor of the semi-automatic shotgun, Over-and-Under shotgun and, semi-automatic rifle, and most recently, an Over-and-Under gun with the lowest action frame and fastest firing system on the market.

Sportsman Gamefeeds

Sportsman Game Feeds are an NGO key sponsor, contributing towards our costs of attending many country fairs. Sportsman also provide the NGO with support and advice when it comes to many nutritional aspects of game bird health.

Ben Rigby Game are the only game dealer to support the NGO at a national level. 

Ben Rigby started game dealing in 1979, aged 17, with knowledge gained from a farming background, determination and an enormous will to succeed.

Ben’s long association with Smithfield Market has been the bedrock of our business standards, and the company now employs over 30 people at our state of the art processing facility near Maldon in Essex.

Ben has created a company that has grown from its small beginnings into one of England’s foremost game dealerships with a portfolio of loyal customers in the UK and Internationally.


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