Terms of Membership

Membership is offered subject to the terms of the NGO Constitution, available on request from the NGO. NGO members insurance is provided by the International Insurance Company of Hannover Ltd through Lycett, Browne-Swinburne and Douglas Ltd and is subject to the terms of their policy.

Acceptable payment methods for NGO membership are:

  • Cheque or Postal Order
  • Payment is banked upon receipt
  • Post-dated cheques are not acceptable


  • Do not send cash by post. Cash only to be paid direct to authorised NGO personnel

Credit/Debit Card

  • On enrolment full payment is taken at the start of the membership
  • At renewal, when you provide us with your credit card details, full payment is taken on that date, whether it be before, on or after the renewal date

Continuous Payment

  • With your verbal or written agreement, your card details are held on our membership database and payment is taken automatically each year from your account, on the renewal of your membership, until you advise us otherwise.

Direct Debit

  • With your written authority, your bank details are held on our records and your account is debited automatically each year with full payment until you advise and your bank otherwise

Please Note

  • The National Gamekeepers' Organisation takes no responsibility for any charges or interest incurred where your bank or credit card account is approached for payment but cleared funds are not available
  • In the event that we take direct debit payment after you have cancelled your membership, we will refund that payment
  • In the event of a change in your bank details there is a risk that we may take payment twice, in which case we will refund any money taken in error

Your Right to Cancel:

  1. You are entitled to cancel your membership up to 14 working days following the date of commencement (or renewal) of your membership, or the date you receive your membership card.
  2. A full refund of the membership fee will be paid upon cancellation within the 14 days.
  3. If you do not pay to renew your membership promptly, we reserve the right to cancel your membership
    Cancellations may be made by calling 01833 660869

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