Rovince UK " the distributor of the professional range of ZECK-Protec tick resistant clothing " is "proud" to become a sponsor of the work of the NGO.

Rovince UK's extensive range of hardwearing tick-resistant clothing - including jackets, fleeces, shirts, trousers, socks, gloves and headgear - has been sold in Europe for five years and is now widely available for the first time in the UK. To find out more about how the innovative range of Rovince countrywear protects against biting ticks, visit

Ticks can pose a significant hazard to the health of all those who live, work and take their recreation in the countryside. But gamekeepers and stalkers run an especially high risk of contracting tick-borne disease because of the nature of their job in tick-rich environments. Be aware that health and safety guidance can oblige employers to ensure their staff are adequately protected against ticks.

Rovince UK's clothing is specifically designed for the rigours of day-to-day professional use. It repels tick attacks because each item is impregnated during manufacture with ZECK-Protec - a clever tick-protection system. The process confers on the garments a life-long resistance to ticks, with no further application of ZECK-Protec being needed after purchase, however hard the wear.

Tests conducted within the EU have shown ZECK-Protec to be 98% effective in protecting wearers against tick bites. All items are machine washable, odourless and kind to the skin.

Darren Bullock, Director of Rovince UK, said: "Rovince anti-tick clothing ,is proud to support the National Gamekeepers' Organisation. The tick-resistant clothing manufactured by ,Rovince ,has been established in Europe for over five years. It is unique because of the use of the patented ,ZECK-Protec coating, a sophisticated tick-protection system that was developed initially for professional use. It is ideal for gamekeepers who spend most of their working day in ticky places, but is just as useful when worn by anyone else taking part in outdoor activities. Please remember, all our tick-resistant clothing requires no further treatment during a lifetime of wear."

Lindsay Waddell, the Chairman of the National Gamekeepers' Organisation, said: "I am really pleased that Rovince UK is to become a sponsor of the NGO. I'd very much like to thank the company for its support. It is impossible for gamekeepers to avoid operating in places populated by ticks, the blighters come with the job. But infection caused by tick-borne disease can be very serious, indeed, so serious it can be life changing. Rovince's tick-resistant clothing looks an interesting way to reduce the risks. In fact, Rovince clothes may well become essential daily ,workwear for keepers in areas with ticks carrying Lyme disease. I would urge anyone who works in such a situation to try out the clothing for themselves."

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