The NGO National Committee has made the following policy statement on the illegal killing of birds of prey:

"We condemn any illegal act. Intense pressure may sometimes be a reason, but it cannot be an excuse.

"Gamekeeping's role in conserving biodiversity is recorded in peer-reviewed research. The actions of any individual should not detract from recognition that gamekeeping as whole is a force for good. Gamekeepers conserve more key habitat and associated wildlife than all other groups combined.

"Over recent decades, most UK bird of prey populations have surged to levels not seen within living memory. Gamekeepers have had to adapt to this new situation within a legal framework that dates from a time when many birds of prey were rare.

"Any allegation remains just that until proven in a court of law. However, under the NGO's disciplinary procedure, any member found guilty of a criminal offence is liable to have his or her membership terminated."

From time to time, convictions or admissions of guilt (formal cautions) can link a named individual with a wildlife crime. When this involves gamekeeping, the NGO always checks whether the person is a member.

Any member convicted or cautioned for a wildlife crime will automatically be suspended in accordance with paragraph 7 of our Disciplinary Procedure and when this occurs, a statement to thiseffect will be issued and posted on the NGO website. In the absence of a statement it will be correct to assume the individual is not a member.

In view of this, and for data protection reasons, the NGO does not routinely respond to enquiries concerning the membership status of individuals.

The NGO stands for gamekeeping within the law.



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