This is a one-day course that will allow gamekeepers to go on controlling rats using professional rodenticides after a Health and Safety Executive (HSE) deadline of 31 July 2016.

Representative bodies for shooting and gamekeeping have combined with the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use (CRRU) and with BASIS Registration Ltd to offer the new course, which will include the necessary certification for successful candidates to go on buying and using professional rodenticides after the product authorisations change on 31 July 2016.

Anyone without an appropriate certificate after that date will be restricted to using amateur-pack rodenticides only, or will have to rely on traps, shooting, terriers and fumigants providing they have the relevant certification for using fumigants.

The exam, a one hour multiple choice/true or false test, has been compiled and will be overseen by BASIS. It can either be taken on paper immediately after the training finishes or can be taken later on-line but candidates will need to specify when booking onto a course which option they require.

Some gamekeepers may already have undertaken training for rodenticide use that is compliant with the new rules. Others may prefer to qualify themselves via courses being run by others, although Rat Control for Gamekeepers is recommended as the only course specifically developed for the gamekeepers’ needs. A full list of all past qualifications that will be valid, and new courses, is available on the CRRU website (under Press Releases)

You can see dates for any planned course on the Events section of the NGO website

Course Cost £150 + VAT for members (£200 + VAT for non members), including course literature, exam and certificates for successful candidates.



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